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What to Learn in CQUPT

1. Chinese Language Programs

CUPT offers Chinese Language Programs of various lengths all the year round.

Classroom activities are based on essential Chinese. The main courses include Oral Chinese, Listening, Reading, Video-audio Chinese, News Listening, Writing, Chinese Culture and Newspaper Reading. In accordance with the actual level of the students, lectures as the Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Chinese Geography and Travels in China are to be given. There are Wushu (Martial Arts), Calligraphy, Chinese Painting and Chinese Culinary Art courses available for the students.

The main aim is to improve the students' listening and speaking abilities, as well as reading and writing skills. Classroom activities will be organized with lots of conversations, reading practice, and seminars. In line with teaching syllabus, students will be arranged to participate in movie appreciation, tours and performances and so on.

According to the Chinese proficiency, the students will be divided into different classes after taking a test. The classes are Elementary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior.

2. Degree Studies

Schools Bachelor Programs Master Programs
School of Communications and Information Engineering 1. Communication Engineering 2. Electronic Information Engineering 3. Electronic Information Science and Technology 4. Information Engineering 1. Communication and Information System 2. Signal and Information Processing 3. Electrician Theory and New Technology 4. Measurement Techniques and Equipment Testing
School of Computer Science and Technology 1. Computer Science and Technology 2. Geographic Information System 3. Information Security 4. Network Engineering 1. Computer Application Technology 2. Computer Software and Theory 3. Computer Architecture
School of Automation 1. Automation 2. Measurement and Control Technology and Equipment 3. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation 4. Electrical Engineering and Automation 1. Control Theory and Control Engineering 2. Detection Equipment and Automation Devices 3. System Engineering 4. Machinery and Electronic Engineering
School of Optoelectronic Engineering 1. Photo-information Science and Technology 2. Microelectronics 3. Electronic Science and Technology 1. Theoretical Physics 2. Circuits and Systems 3. Microelectronics Fields and Microwave Technology 4. Microelectronic and Solid State Electronics
School of Economics and Management 1. E-commerce 2. Information Management and Information System 3. Business Administration 4. Accounting 5. Marketing 6. Tourism Management 7. Economics 8. Engineering Management Management Science and Engineering
Law school 1. Law 1. Litigation Law 2. The Basic Tenets of Marxism 3. Ideological and Political Education
School of Bioinformatics 1. Biotechnology 2. Biomedical Engineering 3. Chinese Medicine 4. Pharmaceutical Engineering 5. Bioinformatics  
School of Arts and Communication 1. Broadcast, Television Editing and Directing 2. Animation 3. Art Design  
School of Mathematics and Physics 1. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2. Information and Computer Science 3. Applied Physics  
School of Foreign Languages 1.English  
School of Physical Education 1. Physical Education for Community  
School of Software Software Engineering  

Bachelor Programs

Master Programs

College of Bio-information

Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Biomedical Engineering, Biological Technology, Pharmacy Engineering


College of Economy and Management Science

Marketing, Business Administration, Information Management and Information System, E-Commerce, Accounting

Management Science and Engineering

College of Media-arts

Science of Animation, artistic Design, Broadcast and TV Editing and Directing, Multimedia Technology


College of Physical Education

Social Physical Education, Wushu (Non-degree)


College of Communication and Information Engineering

Communication Engineering、Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Information Engineering

Communication and Information System, Signal and Information Processing,Measuring Technology and Apparatuses, Electrician Theory and New Technology

College of Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology, Geographic Information System, Information and Computing Science, Information Security, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Computer Applied Technology,Computer SystemArchitecture,Computer Software and Theory

College of Automation

Automation, Measuring & Monitoring Technology and Instrument, Electric Engineering and Automation,

Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automation Device, System Engineering, Mechanic & Electronic Engineering

College of Electronic Engineering

Optical Information Science and Technology, Microelectronics, Electronic Science and Technology

Theoretical Physics, Circuit and System, Microelectronics and Solid state Electronics, Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology, Theoretical Physics

College of Law