Undergraduate Master’s Doctor’s
  1.Performing Arts
2.Broadcasting & Hosting Art
4.Radio&Television Editing& Directing
5.Literature of Theatre Film& Television
7.Artistic Design of Theatre Film& Television
1.Film Studies    
College of Arts 1.Art Design
3.Industrial Design
6.Music Performance
3.Fine Arts
5.Landscape Architecture
6. Industry Design
College of PE 1.Physical Education 1.Humanistic Sociology of PE
2.Human Movement Science
3.Sports Pedagogy & Training Theory
4.Ethnic Traditional Sports Science
5.Sports Science
College of Software Engineering
1.Software Engineering 1.Software Engineering   1.Software Engineering
College of
Trade & Public Administration
2.International Economy & Trade
3.Public Administration
5.Public Utilities Management
1.Philosophy of Marxism
2.Philosophy of Science &Tech
3.Economics of Population, Resources & Environment
4.Regional Economics
5.Industrial Economics
6.International Trade
7.Higher Education
8.Applied Psychology
9.public Administration
10.Social Security
1.Technical Economy & Management  
College of Material Science & Engineering
1.Metallurgical Engineering
2.Material Science & Engineering
1.Metallurgical Engineering
2.Material Science & Engineering
1.Metallurgical Engineering
2.Material Science & Engineering
College of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
1.Maths & Applied Maths
2.Information & Computing Science
4.Applied Physics
5.Electronic & Information Science
1.Fundamental Mathematics
2.Computing Mathematics
3.Probability & Mathematical Statistics
4.Applied Maths
5.Operational Research & Cybernetics
6.Theoretical Physics
7.Atomic & Molecular Physics
8.Condensed Matter Physics 9.Optics
10.Optical Engineering
11.Materials Physics & Chemistry
12.Physical Electronics
1.Computing Mathematics
2.Condensed Matter Physics
3.Materials Physics & Chemistry
College of Literature, Journalism & Communication
1.Journalism of Broadcast & Television
2.Chinese Language & Literature
1.Theory of Literature & Art
2.Classic Chinese Literature
4.Mass Communication
5.Radio & Television Art
  1.Chinese Culture
College of Communication Engineering
1.Communication Engineering
2.Electronic Information Engineering
1.Curcuit & System
2.Communication & Information System 3.Signal & Information Processing
1.Curcuit & System
2.Communication & Information System
1.Electronics & Communication Engineering
College of Law
1.Law 1.Jurisprudence
2.Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
3.Civil Law and Commercial Law
4.Procedure Law
5.Law of Economy
6.Science of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law
7.International Jurisprudence
8.Juris Master
1.Science of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law  
College of Resources & Environmental Science
1.Mining Engineering
2.Engineering Mechanics
3.Environmental Science
4.Safety Engineering
1.General and Fundamental Mechanics
2.Solid Mechanics
3.Fluid Mechanics
4.Engineering Mechanics
5.Mining Engineering
6.Mineral Processing Engineering
7.Safety Technology and Engineering
8.Mineral Engineering
9.Environmental Science
10.Environmental Engineering
College of Automation
2.Logistics Engineering
1.Control Science and Engineering
2.Control Theory & Control Engineering
3.Detection Technology & Automatic Equipment
4.System Engineering
5.Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
6.Guidance & Navigation Control System
7.Traffic Information Engineering & Control
1.Control Theory & Control Engineering  
College of Architecture & Urban Planning
2.Urban Planning
3.Landscape Architecture Design
1.Design Art
2.Architecture History & Theory
3.Architectural Design & Theory
4.Urban Planning & Design
5.Building Science & Tech
6.Architecture (Interior Design)
7.Architecture (Landscape)
College of Economy & Business Administration
2.Information Management & System
4.Business Administration
5.Logistics Management
1.Applied Economics
3.Industrial Economics
4.Quantitative Economics
5.Management Science & Engineering
6.Business Administration
8.Enterprise Management
9.Technical Economy & Management
11.Public Administration
12.Administrative Management
13.Educational Economy & Management
14.Library, Archival & Information Studies、
1.Quantitative Economics 2.Management Science & Engineering
3.Business Administration 4.Accounting 5.Enterprise Management
6.Tourism Management
7.Technical Economy & Management
College of Foreign Languages
1.Curriculum & Teaching Methodology
2.English Language & Literature
3.Japanese Language & Literature
4.Linguistics & Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages
College of Mechanical Engineering
1.Industrial Engineering
2.Vehicle Engineering
3.Machinery Design & Manufacture & its Automation
4.Mechatronic Engineering
5.Material Processing & Control
1.Machinery Design & its Automation
2.Mechatronic Engineering
3.Machinery Design & Theory
4.Vehicle Engineering
5.Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Engineering)
6.Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Machinery)
7.Mechanical Engineering (Car Electronic Engineering)
9.Materials Processing Engineering
10.Power Machinery &Engineering
11.Environmental Engineering
12.Management Science & Engineering
1.Mechanical Engineering
2.Materials Science & Engineering
3.Management Science & Engineering
1.Mechanical Engineering
College of Civil Engineering
1.Civil Engineering
2.Surveying & Mapping Engineering
1.Solid Mechanics
2.Engineering Mechanics
3.Civil Engineering
4.Geotechnical Engineering
5.Structural Engineering
6.Disaster Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protective Engineering
7.Bridge & Tunnel Engineering
8.Civil Engineering (Hydraulic Engineering Construction)
9.Surveying and Mapping
10.Geological Resources & Geological Engineering
11.Communication&Transportation Engineering
1.Civil Engineering  
College of Bioengineering
1.Biomedical Engineering
2.Biological Engineering
2.Biomedical Engineering
4.Cell/Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials
5.Biomedical Electronics & Information Technology
6.Biological Pharmaceutics
7.Plant Genetics & Breeding
2.Biomedical Engineering 3.Biomechanics
4.Cell/Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials 5.Biomedical Electronics & Information Technology 6.Biological Pharmaceutics
College of Agriculture & Life Science
1.Biological Engineering (Agriculture)
College of Urban Construction & Environmental Engineering
1.Water supply & Drainage Engineering
2.Building Environment & Equipment Engineering
3.Environmental Engineering
1.Civil Engineering
2.Municipal Engineering
3.Fuel & Heat Supply, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Engineering
4.Civil Engineering (Urban Environment & Ecological Engineering)
5.Civil Engineering (Building Security Engineering in Cities & Towns)
6.Environmental Science & Engineering
7.Environmental Science
8.Environmental Engineering
1.Municipal Engineering
2.Fuel & Heat Supply, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Engineering
3.Civil Engineering (Urban Environment & cological Engineering)
4.Civil Engineering (Building Security Engineering in Cities & Towns)
5.Environmental Science & Engineering
1.Urban Construction & Environmental Engineering
College of Construction Management & Real Estate
1.Project Management
2.Project Cost
3.Real Estate Administration & Management
4.Financial Management
1.Regional Economics
2.Civil Engineering (Hydraulic Engineering Construction)
3.Management Science & Engineering
4.Technical Economy & anagement 5.Administrative Management
6.Land Resources Management
1.Management Science & Engineering  
College of Optical Engineering
1.Measuring & Control Technology & Instruments
2.Opto-electrical Information Engineering
3.Electronics Science & Technology
1.Optical Engineering
2.Instrument Science & Technology
3.Precision Instrument & Machinery
4.Measuring & Testing Technologies & Instruments
5.Instrument Science & Technology (Information Acquisition & Processing)
6.Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
7.Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Systems
1.Optical Engineering
2.Optical Engineering (Optical-electrical Information Engineering)
3.Optical Engineering (Optical, Mechanical & Electronic Integration)
4.Instrument Science & Technology
5.Precision Instrument & Machinery
6.Measuring & Testing Technologies & Instruments
7.Instrument Science & Technology (Information Acquisition & Processing)
College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
1.Applied Chemistry
2.Materials Chemistry
3.Chemical Engineering & Technology
4.Pharmaceutical Engineering
2.Environmental Science
3.Materials Physics & Chemistry
4.Chemical Engineering & Technology
5.Food Science
6.Drug Chemistry
College of Power Engineering
1.Thermal Energy & Power Engineering
2.Nuclear Engineering & Technology
1.Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics 1.Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics  
College of Computer Science
1.Computer Science & Technology
2.Network Engineering
3.Information Security
1.Computer System Structure
2.Computer Software & Theory
3.Computer Applied Technologies
4.Traffic Information Engineering & Control
1.Computer Science & Technology  
College of Electrical Engineering
1.Electrical Engineering & Automation
1.Electrical Engineering
2.Electrical Engineering (Building Electricity)
3.Control Theory & Engineering
1.Electrical Engineering  


Programs Degrees Tuition Fees (RMB) Minimum viable
number of students
Electrical Engineering Master of Engineering 60,000 in total 5
Software Engineering Master of Engineering 70,000 in total 10
Electronics and Communications Engineering Master of Engineering 60,000 in total 5
Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering Master of Engineering 70,000 in total 5
Mechanical Engineering Master of Engineering 60,000 RMB in total 5
Chinese Law L.L.M 70,000 RMB in total 10
International MBA IMBA 98,000 RMB in total 20
Architecture Master of Engineering 70,000 RMB in total 10

Program duration:

Two academic years for full time study

Teaching language:


Academic calendar :

1st Semester: Autumn/Fall semester from September to January
2nd Semester: Spring semester from March to July
Application fee: 400 RMB (non-refundable).

Application requirements

◆ Prospective students should have a non-Chinese passport and be in good health and under the age of 45.
◆ Academic requirements: Prospective students must hold a recognized bachelor's degree or above, or equivalent.
◆ English proficiency: Minimum requirement is 550 or above for TOEFL, 75 for Internet-based TOEFL (ibt), or 6.0 or above for IELTS, or other certificate of English proficiency from an approved authority. Native English speakers are exempt from this requirement; other candidates whose university courses are taught in English will be considered case by case.
◆ Professional backgrounds: Prospective students who are able to show relevant professional experience deemed appropriate to the program applied for will be given prior consideration.

Application Materials

◆ Application form
◆ 4 passport-sized photos;
◆ Photocopy of valid passport;
◆ Undergraduate diploma, degree certificate and academic transcript/score report;
◆ 2 Letters of recommendation of relevant professors
◆ English level proof certificates
◆ Study plan or research proposal
◆ Personal Statement

Credits Requirements:

Usually, a total 20 to 25 credits are required for graduation, consisting of compulsory courses, core courses, elective courses, research activity and dissertation. For detailed information, please refer to the specific program.


A passed dissertation is required for the degree. It should be in a subject, which is important in their area of study, of interest to them, and relevant to their career aspirations. The dissertation, written in English, builds on the taught elements of the program and allows students to demonstrate the knowledge and the analytical and intellectual skills they have developed during the program. The dissertation also needs to be of direct practical relevance to their research area. Academic staff provides expert supervision during the period of preparation of the dissertation.

Degree Awarding

The master's degree will be awarded if the master student meets the credit requirements and passes the dissertation defense.

Contact Information

International Students Section,
Office of International Cooperation & Exchanges
Chongqing University