About Chongqing University

Chongqing University, founded in 1929, is located in the city of Chongqing—the youngest municipality directly under the Chinese Central Government, also the center for economy, culture and transport in the Southwest of China. With the surging Jialing River flowing to its east, the towering Gele Mountain standing on its north, the campus of Chongqing University provides a beautiful and comfortable learning environment.

The University is one of the key universities under the state “211” and “985” projects; the “211 Project” is a national project concerning 100 universities given the highest priority for development during the 21st century, and the “985 Project” is a key construction project for the establishment of world class universities.

University Motto

Fully committed to teaching and research, keen on fostering talents, whole-heartedly serving the community, dedicated to prosperity of the whole society.


One of China’s most beautiful campuses
One of leading universities in mainland China
The leading university in Chongqing

Disciplines With Strength & Popularity

Electrical Engineering / Metallurgical Engineering / Instrumentation Science and Technology / Mining Engineering / Architecture / Biomedical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Economics / Business Administration / Software Engineering / Environmental Engineering / Material Science


Chongqing University covers a total area of over 3.8 square kilometers, consisting of four campuses. With green mountains surrounded and the Jialing River flowing by, the four campuses are set amidst delightful sceneries and awarded the title of “Garden University” by Chongqing Municipality.



Undergraduates: over 29,700
Master's and doctoral candidates: over 16,000
International students: 982
Academic staff and general staff: over 5,800
Professors and associate professors: over 1,500
Academicians: 15
Academic staff with overseas experiences: over 600
Undergraduate programs: 88
Master's programs: 182+9
Programs for specialized master's degree study: 8
Doctoral programs: 88
Post Doctoral programs: 20
Schools: 27
State level key subjects: 17
Key subjects under the state 211 Project : 12
Provincial or ministerial key subjects: 86
National key labs: 5
Key labs of State Ministry of Education and Chongqing Municipal Government: 63