Welcome to Chongqing University

WE are now living in an epoch when scientific and technological changes take place every day, knowledge determines one’s fate and innovation changes one’s life, and when one has to make the right choice on where to start his or her new life. Chongqing University undoubtedly deserves your choice, which promises to provide you with beautiful surroundings and quality education and prepare you for a promising future.

Founded in 1929, Chongqing University has been one of the leading research and teaching universities in the Southwest China. At Chongqing University, we take pride in the broad range of programs and high quality of education and research work. In the spirit of full commitment to teaching and research, fostering talents and serving the community, Chongqing University has gained a high reputation for its great contribution to the social and economic development of the Southwest as well as the whole China. Graduates of CQU are well received by employers of different sectors for their solid theoretical foundation, pioneering spirit and hard work.

In achieving its goal of becoming one of the first class universities in the world, Chongqing University is endeavoring to seek excellence in teaching and research, develop creative minds and critical thinking, cultivating talents of international competitiveness by constructing first class teaching force, developing international course systems, and improving infrastructure in teaching and research. Besides, Chongqing University focuses on the fostering of humanistic and artistic quality in students.

I welcome you to study at Chongqing University. I am sure that as long as you open your minds, you will find it an exciting and friendly place where you can not only achieve your goal in your academic pursuit through your own efforts but also make a lot of precious friends and enjoy your life.

Ph.D., Prof. Lin Jianhua,
President of Chongqing University