University Profile

Chengdu Sport University is the only institution of higher education of sports in southwest China. Originally run under General Administration of Sport of China, it is now administrated by the General Administration of Sport of China and Sichuan province government but mainly relies on the management of Sichuan province. The former Chengdu Sport University was the Sichuan Standing Junior Sports College established in 1942, which was renamed as Chengdu Sport Polytechnic in 1950. In 1953, against the historical background of “border layout”, Chengdu Sports College developed into one of the six sports academies in China and was called Southwest Sports Academy. In the year 1956, the name was changed into Chengdu Sport University. After nearly seventy years of accumulation and reforming, Chengdu Sport University now has become a renowned university in Southwest area and a widely influential sports academy in China.

Keep going and succeed through persistence

“Succeed through persistence” origins from Chapter Vigorousness of Twenty-Four Styles of Poetry by Si Kongtu inTang Dynasty. It means a person will naturally become powerful if going through years of deep and intensive learning. Ji means accumulation. Xiong means vigorous and magnificent. Jian embodies "robust and healthy". That is to say, be fully prepared and accumulate strength, one will gain vigorousness.

The total covering area of campus is 480,000 square meters. Our main campus is located in the center of Chengdu city, next to the famous place of interest Wuhou (Martial Marquis) Temple. The environment is very nice with reasonable dispositions of infrastructures, teaching and researching centers, training venues, laboratories are all full and well equipped. The library is rich in resources and has built the library and information system covered all the majors and specialties in Chinese and foreign languages.

In the past over 60 years, a lot of famous experts and scholars have been graduated from this university. Among them over a half hundred are former convenors of appraisal group in sports of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, experts of specialty review group of National Social Science Fund projects, high level academic and technical personnel of General Administration of Sport of China, academic and technical leaders of Sichuan Province and General Administration of Sport of China, experts who enjoy special allowance of State Council, members of Physical Education Committee of National Higher Education, members of National Masters Degree of Physical Education Committee, experts of outstanding contributions of Sichuan Province, Doctoral supervisors, and there are about thirty guest professors from both domestic and abroad, and adjunct professors. Teachers in campus are now more than 800, among who 461 are full-time teachers, 179 titled senior professional post, more than 200 titled intermediate professional post, 98 international and national grade referees, 86 international and national grade sportsmen.

There are now 8 colleges including Physical Education, Sports Medicine, Sports, Martial Arts, Economics and Management, Journalism, Foreign languages and Art. 15 undergraduate programs are provided as Physical Education, Social Sports (tourism and outdoor exercise oriented), Exercise Training, Ethnic Traditional Sports, Chinese Medicine (Chinese Orthopedics and Sports Medicine oriented), Human Movement Science, Sports Rehabilitation and Health care, Journalism (Sports News oriented), Writing and Directing for Broadcasting, Public Management (Sports management oriented), Economics (Sports Economics oriented), English (Sports English oriented), Tourism Management (Sports tourism oriented), Performing (Form and Action performance oriented) and Dancing, cross six disciplines of Education, Medicine, Literature, Management, Economics, Science. Among them Physical Education and Chinese Medicine are authorized by Ministry of Education as featured programs. Physical Education, Human Movement Science (Sports Medicine) and Exercise Training are the Sichuan Provincial undergraduate education base level. The university grants Masters Degree of first level disciplines in the following 7 majors as Sports Humanistic Sociology, Sports Education and Training Learns, Ethnic Traditional Sports and Sports Medicine, Clinical Chinese Medicine integrated with western medicine and Journalism; it has the authorization to recommend Master’s student without examination; it’s the first cultivating institute for Master’s degree students in sports; can grant Master’s degree to people with the equivalent education level; it cultivate doctoral students in Sports Humanistic Sociology, Human Movement Science, Management, Chinese Medicine etc together with Beijing Sport University, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sichuan University. The adult education college of CDSU recruits diploma and undergraduate students in physical education and exercise training from all over the country; there’re affiliated a competitive sports school and its 3 years secondary sports school, and Chengdu Basketball School subordinated to Chinese Basketball Association.

The teaching and researching results are very outstanding, and obtained excellent at the national undergraduate teaching evaluation in 2006. CDSU won the first medal of the First National Basic Skills Competition for students of Physical Education and “Xinmiao Scholarship” from Ministry of Education. In year 2007, the dancing thunder storm from the students art troupe of SAC participated in the seventh national dancing competition and won the second prize of Wenhua Dance Performance and best performance prize. 19 courses including Martial Arts, Health Fitness Education, National Fitness Introduction, Sports Biomechanics, News Gathering and Writing, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Zheng’s Manipulation, Sports Physiology, Sports Anatomy, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Traditional Sports Health Preserving, Basketball, Sports History, Swimming, School Physical Education, Basic Skill for Sports Tourism are the provincial high quality curriculums. The teaching teams of Human Movement Science and Physical Education are provincial level. Sports History, Athletics, Painting, Athleticism, Basic Theory of Sports. Modern Table Tennis Teaching and Training and Sports Journalism are selected as the topics of national planning teaching material of Ministry of Education for the “Eleventh Five-year Plan”. CDSU has been among the best in award grade and items in the past two national evaluations of teaching results of sports institutes. In the past two Sichuan Provincial evaluations of teaching results of higher education, CDSU has 4 items for the first prize, 2 for the second and 4 for the third; and 2 items won the second prize in the last national evaluation. The employment rate of graduates has been kept above 90%, and for the last 5 years CDSU has been awarded the advanced group of Sichuan higher education institutes for the work for graduates. These years the science research level has been rising steadily, items under research are up to 622, among which 14 are national level, 105 are provincial level, and 12 are for the Olympic Games. It’s authorized as the important research base for physical education sociology science by General Administration of Sport. Sports Humanistic Sociology, Human Movement Science, Physical Education and Training, Sports Medicine, Traditional National Sport are the Sichuan Provincial key subjects, among them Sports Humanistic Sociology, Human Movement Science and Physical Education and Training are the key construction items. The Sports Medicine Laboratory is honored “Sichuan Provincial Key laboratory of Sports Medicine” and “Key laboratory of Sports Medicine of General Administration of Sport”. “Laboratory and teaching center of Sports Medicine” is the third batch of provincial high institutes’ teaching demonstration center.

CDSU is the nation’s high level sports talents’ cultivating base, nation’s weight lifting reserve talents’ training base and nation’s martial arts repertoire training base for younger, takes role in cultivating high level competitive talents and brilliant reserve talents for the country. It has now forming its own advantage and specialty in weight lifting, artistic gymnastics, martial arts, track and field, water polo etc. For recent years, CDSU has won 256 golden medals, 203 silver medals and 178 copper medals in competitions both national and international. In the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, teachers and students of CDSU won the golden medal in women’s sailing and 3 silver medals in artistic gymnastics and women’s hockey ball, while the women’s pulling-boat team ranked fourth, women’s water polo ball ranked fifth. More than 60 teachers and students took roles in medical supervisors, doctors, recovery massagers, judges, and technician of tactics and technical service; 40s were the professional volunteers in tack and field race course; 26 participated in the dance Qiangzu Tui Gan in the opening ceremony; College of Journalism wrote the brief report abroad.

CDSU publishes two academic journals Journal of Chengdu Sport University and Sports Education Reports. Journal of Chengdu Sport University is the national core journal in Chinese, and best journal of natural science of Chinese universities, full-text collected journal of CJN and CSAE (CD edition), and the resource database for comprehensive evaluation of CSAE and reference database for Chinese Humanistic Sociology Science.

CDSU pays attentions to students’ ideological and political education, and the result is remarkable. It’s awarded ”Advanced University for CPC’s construction and ideological and political education work of Sichuan Province” by Sichuan Provincial Ministry of Organization, Propaganda Department and Educational Working Committee. For the last years CDSU has been “Advanced group for sending volunteers to remote areas during summer vocation " , evaluated by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of CPC, central Civilization Office, MOE, the Communist Youth League and the National Association of Students; it was also awarded as one of the “one hundred outstanding youth volunteers service unit of China” by CYL and CYVA.

CDSU has been enhancing the domestic and foreign exchange. It’s now national level athletic director training base and foreign aid coach training base of General Administration of Sport of China, and has built up partnerships with universities in America, England, Japan, Canada, Germany, Austria, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and so on. Experts and scholars have been exchanged between CDSU and universities in over 20 countries; the academic exchange is very broad and deep. Foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are welcomed. Now as CDSU signed an interschool collaboration agreement with De Montfort University and Portsmouth University, “2+2” and “3+1” ways are adopted in cultivating undergraduate program students together with them.