Brief Introduction of Beijing Yucai School

Beijing Yucai School is a well-established top school with outstanding traditions. Being one of the senior high demonstrating schools in Beijing now, it was first founded in Yan’an in 1937. It is located in Xiannong Altar, which is an imperial garden of two dynasties. On campus, ancient buildings look resplendent and magnificent; green cypresses and pine trees grow tall and upright, and the environment is extremely ethereal. In a crowded large metropolis like Beijing, the school with imposing classic royal style and welfare contexts is really a good place for studying. Moreover, the state leaders of three generations all inscribed their epigraphs here, showing their high expectations for the school.

Beijing Yucai School is an all-grade public school. It consists of the primary school section, the junior high school section,senior high school section and International Department. At present, it has over 4,000 students enrolled. The school also takes pride in its first-rate teaching facilities. The school attaches great importance to promoting the students’ all-round and healthy growing, helping the teachers work in a happy and scientific way and achieving the school’s harmonious and leaping development. The so-called “horseback cradle” in the past has changed into a base for producing people of high caliber and is making great efforts to make new accomplishments.