Introduction to BJTU and SSE
Introduction to Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU)
Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU, formerly known as Northern Jiaotong University), centrally located in Beijing, is one of the key Chinese National University in China. With a rich historical background, since 1896 (Qing Dynasty), BJTU educates a large number of student population, of which about more than 22,000 undertook full-time programs. These students are been supported by dedicated faculty members of 2842 which includes 286 full professors and 588 associate professors. The achievements of BJTU scholars are well known, with 10 academicians from the China Academy of Sciences and the China Academy of Engineering. The University has 12 schools, 11 ministerial key disciplines, 120 graduate programs, 60 doctoral programs, 13 post-doctoral research stations, 22 research institutes & centers and 39 laboratories in a variety of academic fields. As a leading University both within China and Internationally, BJTU is amongst the first top Universities authorized by the central government to enroll overseas students, and has up to date successfully trained 3,200 foreign students and visiting scholars originating from more than 100 different countries.
Introduction to School of Software Engineering (SSE)
The School of Software Engineering in BJTU is one of the 37 National Pilot Software Engineering Schools in China. It possesses advanced innovative educational principles based on CDIO, a high-level academic & staff group from all over the world and has been recognized as top 3 software engineering schools in China. The school objective is to cultivate high-qualified, internationalized students that will become software engineering elites desired by the IT industry around the globe. The employment rate in SSE keeps 100% since its establishment. And the "Elite and Internationalized Software Engineers Cultivation Pattern" won the first prize for National Teaching Achievement Award in 2009.

There are currently 1,000 full time students, including 12% international students. And 76 professors, 12 of them are from overseas and more than half have strong industrial background. Aiming to be a leading international school, SSE has continually strived to better foster international exchange and cooperation with famous universities abroad and established joint program with them at both undergraduate and graduate level.

SSE is also well known for its close relationship with various IT enterprises. Specialized Senior Engineers from specific field are a very important faculty of SSE. They bring students the latest innovated techniques to classrooms and guide students to do team projects in real time environment. They keep on devoting to a sustainable teaching reform, reinforcement and curriculum redesign, which ensures students' learning are what the industry really needs at the time at hand.