Beijing National Day School

Beijing National Day School (BNDS)

Beijing National Day School,originally a school for children of the Central Military Committee, was established in 1952 under the loving care of Zhou Enlai, Luo Ronghuan and other old China revolutionaries and named by Marshal Lie Rongzhen in the honor of China National Day.

We brought up and implemented the regime reform of ‘State owned and locally run’ in 1992. Since then, our school has gained a rapid development and enjoys a great fame across the city for its highly competitive faculty, first class environment and facility and excellent and modern teaching quality. In 2004, our school was awarded as a model high school of Beijing City. It has come back to be state-owned in late 2009.

Our campus occupies 156 thousand square meters. Now 4,600 odd students study in our 107 classes for their junior or high school quality education.

Our school boasts a contingent of professional teachers with high taste, good knowledge, all-around and strong research ability. Among them, 23 are special grade teachers, 145 senior teachers, 13 provincial level model and national excellent teachers, 10 national key teachers from headmaster training class, 16 and 77 municipal or district level leading and key teachers respectively. 37 of them holds doctoral degree and 120 master degree. There are 40 foreign teachers from USA, UK and etc. Besides, we have set up a growth guide team for our teachers consisting of specialists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Normal University and other research institutes.

Facing with new opportunities and challenges, we further clarified our educational concept, goals and cultural value by mapping out Program of Action for Development of Beijing National Day School, which goes as follows.

Our mission in the new century is to create a wonderful education catering to students’ development. We will strive to make National Day School students a trustworthy and excellent brand and build our school as a great and respected one.

Our strategic goal is to pursue first class quality, excellent team, graceful treatment towards our teachers and harmonious environment for our teachers and students where they could relax their soul and grow happily. Or shortly says “quality, team, treatment and harmony”.

Our cultural value includes adhering to reform and innovation and daring to be the forerunner, creating an education catering to students’ development and running a people satisfied school, growing with new china and prioritizing its interest, accepting diversity and being all-inclusive and getting the best and brightest talents together to undertake our heroic career. We strive for excellence and are against average and inferior quality. We pursue both quality education and excellent entrance exam scores, not oriented to China National Entrance Examination, but winning a big victory. We teach while studying and are always in the state of mind. The goal of our future development is to cultivate a study oriented school and train teachers with high taste, good knowledge, all-around and strong research ability. The principle of our cadres is selfless, hardworking, modest and open-minded. We believe that without course reform, the school would not change. We advocate independent learning education. If students could do on their own, teachers should not take all tasks. Students are encouraged to be nice people before doing things successfully, achieve all-around development and become useful persons in multi-ways. We work to make our school a habitat for our teacher to relax their soul, a platform to display their ability and a happy home to live in. The Teacher's Representative Committee possesses inviolable rights to democracy. We must dare to criticize ourselves to seek innovative development continuously. We should care for each other’ lives, but should not lower each other’ standard of work. A distinguished leader is the most important treasury for a school. We aim to build an international school and produce first class talents with Chinese soul, world vision and multi-culture understanding. In order to realize it, we should run our school at all souls, work hard and happily and are ready to contribute.

As for education, we should stick to its independence, not trying to force students to accept it. We must exert our efforts to cultivating talents with ambitious goal, sincere and honest character, self-disciplined behavior and active mind, the souls of Chinese nation and society.

As for teaching, we must take into a full consideration of interests of students and create condition to make classroom as one of their enjoyable places and studying as one of their favorite activities. We value normal practice and law of teaching. By reforming on discipline teaching, the teaching will be made closer to the law of discipline learning and students’ cognition; by adjusting teaching relations, teachers will spend less time on teaching. More opportunities will be given to students to speak and act. We will continue to evaluate students in multiple manners in order that they could develop and become useful persons in multi-ways.

As for research, we focus on the rules of teaching and questions around us and endeavor to combine theories on basic education areas with teaching practice while keeping abreast with the trend of reform and development on education in today’s world and China. We stick to program study as our main way of research, finding subjects from our own trouble, confusion and complaints.

As for administration, we stress communication and collaboration. By analyzing and transforming work flow, we will further classify our work and flow and make more detailed rules so that our administration work becomes more simplified and serves better for our teaching.

We adopt international strategy and work hard to build our school on international, high-level and high positioning basis. We will continue to enrich our course resources, build a more professional team and create more favorable development environment for the purpose of cultivating first class talents with Chinese soul, world vision and multi-culture understanding.

First class education produces first class achievement. From 2007 to 2009, 138 students have been admitted to Tsinghua and Peking University, 60 first-class overseas universities, 23 universities in Hongkong SAR. In 2009, Further education entrance rate for undergraduate program is 99.5%, for key undergraduate program 93.8%. The number of students who scored 600 marks or above in the National Entrance Examination ranks NO.2 in Haidian District.

We also achieved outstanding competition results. Through 2006-2008 academic years, our students won two gold in the International Marine Modeling Tournament and one gold in the International Astronomy Olympics. The latter is especially important for it filled China’s void in this field. Through 2007 to 2009 academic years, 16 students took the first place in Beijing Competition area of the National Biology Olympics, 20 in physics and 19 in Chemistry. Only in 2009, the number was 8, 11 and 11 respectively. All rank NO.1 in Beijing City.

Our school has successively been elected as a national pioneering school in democratic management and environment-friendly creation, a model of Beijing High School and Beijing Science Education, an advanced collective of Beijing moral education, a golden sail winner of Beijing arts education, an advanced school of audio-visual education and education research. It is also an experimental school where China Ministry of Education, Chin Central Education Research Institute and other 10 units carry on education research at all levels. In the survey sponsored by Beijing Morning Paper, Educational Channel of Sina website and other Medias, we have been awarded with the ‘most influential middle school’, ‘most satisfactory school’ and ‘most competitive graduates’ in Beijing City.

On the threshold of new history, all the people in Beijing National Day School will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of its school, forge ahead with times, keep reforming and implement Program of Action, endeavoring to build our school as a great and respected one.