School Introduction

School Introduction  International Department

In 1952, Beijing National Day School was established under the solicitude of Chinese former Premier Zhou Enlai and other Chinese national leaders.

  • The campus size is 156,000 square meters.
  • The number of students is more than 4,000.
  • The number of the school staff is more than 400.
  • Library collection is more than 220,000 books.

Our History

Beijing National Day School,originally a school for children of the Central Military Committee, was established in 1952 by Premiere Zhou Enlai and other influential leaders of the newly established People’s Republic of China(PRC). The school was named by Marshal Lie Rongzhen to commemorate the momentous proclamation on October 1st 1949 of the Founding of PRC, thus our school is officially known as either Beijing National Day School or Beijing October First School.

More than 40 Chinese military generals once got their education here. BNDS is no longer directly affiliated to the Committee now, but BNDS continues to excel in providing a higher quality education for China's young leaders. In 1992, a State education reform bill allowed the school to adopt an independent management model under a ‘State owned and principal managed’ principle. After that, BNDS rapidly developed new capacities which earned it an increasingly distinguished reputation within Beijing for its highly competitive faculty, first class learning environment, outstanding facilities, and innovative teaching techniques. In 2004, the school was awarded the title ‘Model High School of Beijing City’, and five years later it reverted to the municipal education committee management scheme, with the difference that its new principal, Li Xi Gui, a national educational reform leader, was granted an authority to innovate that is unique among principals of public institutions.

Our Mission

  • To create a quality education suitable for students’ comprehensive development
  • To develop “National Day School Student” as a reputable and trustworthy name
  • To build our school into a respected and great institution

Our School

Full of culture and beauty, BNDS provides students with modern, advanced, and first rate teaching conditions. Covering 156,000 square meters, the school currently offers quality education to over 4,000 students in 100 classes from grades 7~12. The school enjoys excellent facilities which are capable of meeting many comprehensive educational demands. With a total building area of 150, 000 square meters, BNDS ranks as one of the biggest secondary schools in the urban area of Beijing.

Our Students

With many different personalities, BNDS students are well-behaved and active in thinking. In the Chinese national curriculum section, all BNDS junior high school students pass the senior high school entrance exam, allowing them to receive a senior high school education. In 2010, over 98% of high school graduates entered prestigious Chinese Key Universities. In recent years, over 70 high school graduates annually have been enrolled in world-famous universities such as Cambridge University, Princeton University ,Columbia University, Hong Kong University, Beijing University and Tsinghua University.

In addition to opening various courses for Chinese students, BNDS is also authorized to enroll international students by the Beijing Municipal Education Committee, and so far has international students from different corners of the world, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions of China. BNDS International Department offers Chinese secondary education and non-degree cultural programs of middle or short term to international students. Annually, the high school international graduates from BNDS international department are enrolled by reputable Chinese universities such as Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Nanjing University.

BNDS has introduced Cambridge A-level and American AP (Advanced Placement) international courses into the campus, aiming to offer both Chinese and international students more learning choices and to promote the Chinese high school curriculum reform. Immersed in an English teaching atmosphere and colorful multicultural activities, the program students are more prepared for their further study overseas in the future.

As one of the Beijing Olympic Education Model Schools, BNDS attaches great importance to involving every student and teacher in sports and has held the title of Beijing Model School for Sports for 20 consecutive years. The school’s Golden Sail Orchestra and Golden Sail Chorus have also won many first prizes at the state and city levels.

Our Teachers

BNDS boasts the teaching staff with high moral standards, vast professional knowledge, and excellent scientific research abilities. With a total of more than 400 teachers, the school has 24 master-distinguished educators, 37 teachers possessing doctorate degrees, 120 teachers with master’s degrees, 40 foreign teachers and college counselors from the United States, Britain and some Commonwealth countries. All teachers here offer a wide range of academic programs and optional courses to our students. In addition, BNDS pioneers in the Chinese secondary schools by establishing the first Post-graduate Research Base to find practical solutions to the problems in the Chinese basic education.
We and the World

As a model school for international exchange and observation often chosen by Beijing Municipality, BNDS has established exchange relationships with schools and other educational organizations in over 20 countries or areas, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Through AFS, NACEL, and AYA programs, many students and teachers have had opportunities to study abroad for one year. In addition, BNDS has also had an ongoing inter-school teacher-student exchange with its partner schools in America, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our Vision

BNDS is a school where both students and teachers enjoy themselves. Our visions are as follows.

  • First-class quality education
  • Outstanding teaching staff
  • Excellent care for teachers to ensure a happy life
  • A harmonious school which is a spiritual home and growth paradise for both students and teachers


The International Department of Beijing National Day School (BNDS) was established in June, 2004. Thanks to all the efforts from different sides, it has gained rapid and stable development. So far, it has four major programs, namely International students program, Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A-Level Program, Sino-America Dual-diploma Program and International Exchange Program.

  • In 2006, BNDS was authorized to enroll foreign students by Beijing Municipal Education Committee and other relative departments.
  • In 2007, BNDS International Department became the test location of HSK held by China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban for short)
  • In 2008, BNDS became one of the Beijing Bases for International Promoting of Mandarin
  • In 2009, BNDS initiated the project of Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A-Level Programs
  • In 2010, BNDS initiated the project of Advanced Placement Course(AP) with Wasatch Academy, the USA

Beijing National Day School 2012-2013 International Department Teaching Staff

In the past 6 years’ development, the BNDS International Department has evolved from only 6 students to 268 students from USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Australia, Korea, Japan, Hongkong and other 11 countries and districts. The full-time faculty has grown from originally 3 to 59. Among them, 33 are foreign teachers and counselors.

During these 6 years, with increasingly matured course system and more international exchange programs, we have established wide links with schools and education agencies from more than 20 countries and districts, such as USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Macao, Korea, Taiwan and so on for exchange visits. Every year, our school organize teachers and students to take part in annual international exchange activities, such as AFS、NACEL and AYA programs. Meanwhile, BNDS has formed the partnerships with some reputable schools from USA, Australia, Singapore and Hongkong. We exchange teachers and students on regular basis.

Looking into the future, we will work hard to develop multi-level international exchange and cooperation, build a new school culture and international education mode that combines east and west civilization and encourage students to achieve all around development for the purpose of building our school as a great and international education institute.

BNDS International Department Management Team

WU Fengqin
Deputy-Principal, BNDS
Director, BNDS International Department
Director, BNDS North America Educational Management Center

Deputy-director, BNDS International Department
Director, International Exchange Programs
Executive Director, BNDS North America Educational Management Center

TANG Xuewen
Deputy-director, BNDS International Department
Director, BNDS Sino-America Dual Diploma Program


First BNDS Olympics Games
Exchange with Australian Students
International Department Choir
BNDS Symphony Orchestra Performing in Spain
Exchange Performance with Huston Children’s Choir
Chinese Painting Workshop
Chinese Paper Cut Workshop
Exchange with American Presidential Awards Excellent Students Delegation
BNDS AFS student
in the USA
With Singapore Exchange Delegation
Exchange Performance with Huston Children’s Choir
Chinese Painting Workshop
Chinese Paper Cut Workshop
Exchange with American Presidential Awards Excellent Students Delegation
BNDS AFS student
in the USA
With Singapore Exchange Delegation