Beijing Forestry University (BFU) is a top institution for higher education specialized in forestry and ecological environment, and is under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education of China. BFU was founded in 1952, but its history can be traced to the Metropolitan University founded in 1902. BFU has developed itself from a forestry college into a multi-disciplinary national key university, with forestry, biology and forestry engineering as its leading disciplines, and with an extensive coverage of courses in sciences, engineering, management, economics, liberal arts, law, and philosophy. Its personnel training system includes undergraduate, graduate, doctoral education, but also further education and international student education. By the year 210, there have been 1,900 international students enrolled in this university, from such countries as Korea, Japan, United States, British, Russia, Mali, Cape Verde, Guinea, Madagascar, Togo, Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, Italy, Finland, France, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, etc.

Besides undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education, its personnel training system also includes further education and international student education. The university currently provides 52 undergraduate subjects, and it enjoys 13 undergraduate schools, 73 graduate disciplines and 35 doctoral disciplines. BFU has 589 full/associate professors, of whom 127 are supervisors of Ph.D. programs and 4 are academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). The advantage specialties of BFU, such as landscape architecture, biological science, forestry silviculture, soil and water conservation, are in the leading position in China.

 Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree (4 Years)

1.Biological Science 18.Ornamental Horticulture 35.Human Resource Management
2.Biotechnology 19.Animation 36.Bachelor of Business Administration in Property Management
3.Food Science and Engineering 20.Information Management and Information System 37.Vehicle Engineering
4.Forestry 21.Computer Science and Technology 38.Machine Design, Manufacturing and Automation
5.Forest Resources Conservation and Recreation 22.Computer Science and Technology (Computer Art and Design) 39.Automation
6.Practaculture Science 23.Electronic Information Science and Technology 40.Communication Engineering (Automobile Application Engineering)
7.Turf Management 24.Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 41.Industrial Design
8.Geographic Information System 25.Accounting 42.Wood Science and Engineering
9.Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating 26.Accounting (International Accounting) 43.Wood Science and Engineering (Furniture Design and Manufacturing)
10.Resources, Environment and Urban-Rural Planning Management 27.Finance 44.Packaging Engineering
11.Civil Engineering 28.International Economy & Trade 45.Chemical Processing of Forest Products
12.Management of Wildlife and Natural Reserve 29.Business Administration 46.Chemical Processing of Forest Products (Pulping and Paper Making)
13.Environmental Science 30.BusinessAdministration(Economic Information Management) 47.Artistic Designing
14.Environmental Engineering 31.Statistics(Marketing Research and Analysis) 48.Law
15.Landscape Architecture 32.Statistics (Securities Investment and Analysis) 49.Psychology
16.Urban Planning 33.Marketing(Electronic Commerce) 50.English Language
17.Tourism Management 34.Agriculture and Forest Economics and Management 51.Japanese Language

Master’s Degree (3 Years)
General Scholar((1 Year)

1.Philosophy of Science and Technology 20.Ecology 39.Forest Management
2.People、Resources and Environment Economics 21.Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation 40.Conservation and Utilization of Wild Animals and Plants
3.Finance 22.Mechanical and Electronic Engineering 41.Ornament Plant
4.International Trade 23.Mechanical design and theory 42.Soil and Water Conservation & Deforestation Combating
5.Statistics 24.Automotive Engineering 43.Ecological Environment Engineering
6.The Jurisprudence 25.Control Theory and Control Engineering 44.Agro forestry
7.The Basic Theory of Marxism National Economics 26.Computer Software and Theory 45.Revegetation Engineering
8.The Education of Thought and Politics 27.Computer Application 46.Nature Reserve Science
9.Applied Psychology 28.Urban Planning and Design (Including Landscape Planning and Design) 47.Soil Science
10.General and Applied Linguistics 29.Structural Engineering 48.Plant Nutrition
11.English language 30.Agricultural Bioenvironmental and Energy Engineering 49.Grassland Science
12.Art of Design 31.Forest Engineering 50.Management Science and Engineering
13.Physical Geography 32.Wood Science and Technology 51.Accounting
14.Cartography and Geography Information System 33.Chemical Processing of Forest Products 52.Enterprise Management
15.Botany 34.Environmental Science 53.Tourism Management
16.Microbiology 35.Processing & Storage of Agricultural Products 54.Forest Economic Management
17.Cell Biology 36.Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding 55.Agriculture Economics and Management
18.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 37.Silviculture  
19.Biophysics 38.Forest Protection  

Doctoral Degree (3 Years) / Senior Scholar (1 Year)

1.Botany 10.Forest Services Engineering 19.Soil and Water Conservation & Deforestation Combating
2.Microbiology 11.Soil Science 20.Nature Reserve Science
3.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 12.Grassland Science 21.Ecological Environment Engineering
4.Ecology 13.Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding 22.Agro forestry
5.Mechanical Design and Theory 14.Silviculture 23.Revegetation Engineering
6.Urban Planning and Design (Including Landscape Planning and Design) 15.Forest Protection 24.Agriculture Economics and Management
7.Forest Engineering 16.Forest Management 25.Forest Economic Management
8.Wood Science and Technology 17.Conservation and Utilization of Wild Animals and Plants  
9.Chemical Processing of Forest Products 18.Ornament Plant  

Estimated Costs of Studying in China for Self-financing International Students

Registration fee: RMB 800.

Tuition fee:

1) Undergraduate student: RMB 24,800 / year
2) Master’s Degree Student: RMB 29,800 / year (taught in Chinese)
International Program (taught in English): RMB 39000/ year (Forestry, Forest Engineering)
RMB 33000/ year (Forest Economics and Management)
3) Ph.D. Student: RMB 33,000 / year
4) General Scholar RMB 24,800 / year
5) Senior Scholar RMB 29,800 / year

Teaching materials: charged according to the courses


Double room: RMB 60/ day /bed (Water and Electricity fees not included)
Single room: RMB 80/ day /bed (Water and Electricity fees not included)


Master’s Programs (2years)

1. Forestry

2. Forest Economics and Management.

3. Forest Engineering