Beijing No. 9 High School Harmony, Openness, Growth

School’s Introduction

Founded in 1946, Beijing No.9 High School was one of the first in the city to be assigned a key status in 1978. In 2008, it was designated as one of the Olympic Education Model schools in Beijing. It lies at the foot of Cuiwei Hill along the riverbank of Youngding River which is in the cultural conservation district of western Beijing. With lively surrounding and strong cultural atmosphere the school is also encircled by many famous places of interests. Its convenient location is only five minute bus ride away from the subway which can be used to reach the city center in just half an hour.

The school consists of a teaching building, a lab building, a library, a dormitory building, a playground with a standard track and a gymnasium which offers plenty of sports activities to the students. The school has also been furnished with various types of advanced equipment, multimedia teaching facilities, modern labs and fast internet access.

The school hosts an approximately 1600 person community including 1400 students and some 200 members of faculty and staff. About 70% of the teachers in this school have obtained a master’s degree or an equivalent. Its highly efficient administrative team and well-qualified educators have contributed to its outstanding status.

International Department

The school has long tradition of recruiting international students and currently dozens of foreign pupils are studying here. No. 9 High School has yearly international student-exchange program and has built sister-school relationships with several overseas schools. Now the school has become an important institution for foreign colleagues to visit and has treated numerous visiting groups from other countries.
Beijing No.9 High School organizes a variety of interesting activities for the international students, which help them better experience and understand Chinese culture and customs. The “One Helps One” project, which aims to improve students’ level of Chinese, greatly enhances learning and communication abilities of foreign students’. Students in the International Department have also won top three prizes in Beijing Chinese-Writing-Competition.

Campus Facilities

A sports field with a standard track and a gymnasium offer plenty of exercise activities to the students. The library, which can accommodate 500 students, provides wide access to books, periodicals and on-line databases. In addition, all the classrooms are equipped with liquid crystal display projectors, computers with Internet access and other advanced devices. The dormitories are bright, tidy and air conditioned.

Studying in Beijing No.9 High School

No. 9 High School curriculum combines compulsory courses, elective courses and activity courses. While developing the courses in accordance with China’s Education System, the emphasis is made on foreign students’ interests, needs and specialties, which add flexibility to the study program.

Chinese Language Course

This program is for the students who never studied Chinese. The course consists of Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Listening Comprehension, Writing and other language learning subjects. After completion of this course, students are able to express themselves clearly.

Local Class in Middle School & High School

The international students who passed the language course are fully capable to study and interact with local Chinese students.
Younger students take classes alongside the Chinese students is a middle school affiliated with the No.9 High School.
International students of high school age spend half a day at high school and attend lessons at the international department in the afternoon.

Courses for Middle School & High School include

Chinese, Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, China Survey, Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer Studies and other disciplines.
*First semester of all the courses starts in September; second semester starts in March.

Course for the college entrance examination

International department arranges the courses taught by professional instructors according to each student’s level and needs. In the past years 99% of the students who graduated from International Department of Beijing No.9 High School entered top universities in Beijing, including Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University.

* Teachers in International Department assist the students in making up missed sections of the general program at a designated time from 6:20 p.m. to 9:40 p.m. five days a week. Students also spend portions of this time completing home assignments and self-studying under effective guidance of the faculty members.

Living in Beijing No.9 High School

Foreign students enjoy a separate apartment building and a dining hall staffed with a chef specializing in foreign cuisine. There is an infirmary in the dormitory building. Dormitories consist of double rooms, each equipped with an air-conditioner, telephone, beddings, furniture and attached bathroom. There is a common TV and computer room in the building. International Department of No. 9 High School is famous for its safety compliance and strict discipline enforcement. According to the official evaluation of numerous international departments, No. 9 High School has always scored high in disciplinary management.
At the same time, students can feel the warmth of home as they develop strong bonds with fellow classmates and members of the faculty and staff. In addition to educational excellence, they have an amazing opportunity to grow in a friendly and calm environment.

Campus Activities

English café
Graduation ceremony

Extracurricular Activities

Tiananmen Square
The Great Wall
Summer Palace
Beijing University, Qinghua University


The applicant must be at least 12 years old, in good health condition and of good virtue. Middle School and High School students from countries all over the world who came to China legally with a parent or a legal guardian have the right to register in Beijing No.9 High School.

Application Procedure

1. Apply directly to the school by submitting the application forms
2. Fill in the completely the application form of declaration of enrollment in Beijing No.9 High School International Department
3. Attend an interview and take the entrance examination in English, Mathematics and Chinese.
4. Students who pass the examination will receive the letter of admission. Please register according to the time on the letter of admission and pay the tuition.
5. Enter the school. According to the study level of each student, No. 9 High School will arrange proper study program.

Admission Materials

1. The photocopy of the passport and the visa of the student. Photocopy of the parents’ passports.
2. The copy of the applicant’s highest academic diploma, past award certificates, certificate of HSK (if applicable), the original of the study certificate of the former school, the official credit transcript, school life records and transfer certificates.(Chinese or English version for each).
3. Guardian’s notarization of the warrant of attorney and the letter of guarantee (with the student’s Chinese and English name and the date of birth).
4. The copy of guardian’s ID card, temporary residence permit card (if the guardian is a person from other area), or the passport and visa.
5. 1-inch and 2-inch photos ten each. (either blue or white background)
6. Students over 18 years old must hand in the health examination certificate (it can be taken in China).
7. Census registration materials.
8. Birth certificate

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