Curriculum of International Students Class

To meet various needs of international students, the programs below have offered:

1. Chinese Training Courses: (study in senior high school in Wangjing) we have Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Class, in which many professional courses like Chinese (including grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing), Chinese culture class (e.g. Peking opera, urheen, etc.) and many skill courses like HSK, calligraphy, computer, P.E. are given to international students. We also organize HSK test for them.Students who pass both HSK test and relevant literacy examinations may continue their study in relevant class of our junior high school or senior high school.

2. Regular Grade: Offered to the students of both Junior High (study in junior high school in Baijiazhuang) and Senior High (study in senior high school in Wangjing). Courses like Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, geography, history, P.E., arts, music and computer are offered. Students who get high scores in both language and literacy examinations can choose to join in the Chinese Students’ Class.

3. Reviewing Class: Students from other countries or districts (e.g. Hong, Macao, Taiwan) of senior three may choose to take part in the reviewing classes which are especially opened up for the preparation of college entrance examination. We recommend them the universities and organize them to participate in such examination.

4. WIC (UK) Class: Offered to those who want to continue their study abroad after graduation. This is a course set by our school and Wales International Consortium (WIC) together. Besides studying those courses of every Chinese student does, WIC courses will also be studied. The learning materials of WIC course will be provided by the UK and the course will all be taught by foreign teachers. After learning this course, the students can apply for 12 famous universities of the UK and other famous universities in the world.