School Profile

Beijing No.80 High School was founded in 1956. It is the top school in Beijing, and is entitled Municipal Model High School. We currently enrolled more than 3000 junior high school students and senior high school students in total. Besides, our school set up its development orientation—"research and demonstration, internationalization, modernization" in line with the educational concept "respecting for individuality, appreciating and encouraging, multiple cultivation, pursuing excellence". Meanwhile, educational innovation will be continually deepened and promoted in order to create distinctive features on moral education, science and technology, art, sports and international education.

Beijing No.80 High school was awarded honors in succession,such as “National Advanced Unit of Art Education"; 'Experimental School of Modern Educational Technology issued by Education Ministry of People's Republic of China''National school of advanced education and scientific research''Beijing Gold Sail Art troupe''Beijing Jinpeng Science and Technology club' 'Municipal Model School of Science and Technology Activities''Beijing Advanced School of Moral Education''Beijing Advanced Unit of Beijing Educational Foreign Affairs', etc. Especially, in September 2011, General Secretary Hu Jintao visited Beijing No.80 High School and he highly praised our school, which won a more extensive clout not only in the whole country but also in worldwide.

Diverse curriculum, flexible and practical course content and a wide variety of social practice in the international department of our school has formed a competence-oriented education system with our No.80 characteristics for international students, attracting the students around the world. At present, we have approximately 400 students from over 30 countries and regions. The international students with outstanding performance are admitted to the top universities at home and abroad. Graduates of all previous years have graduated with honors and entered elite universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. At the same time, the students who have finished the Chinese language courses of our school are at different parts of the world. Especially, 15 and 16 students have got the offers from Peking University in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Besides, another 5 American students in the Chinese language classes are admitted by Harvard University, Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Our international department enrolls the students from all over the world throughout the year. A variety of curricula is designed in accordance with various learning objectives: long-term and short-term Chinese language courses, junior high school and senior high school record education (regular grade)for international students, college entrance examination class for international students, Sino-British programme, Sino-American programme, summer Chinese language training program, Chinese culture course, etc. We have integrated traditional Chinese culture into our curricula. For example, Peking Opera class, hand-making class, Chinese calligraphy class and some other culture-related classes have been offered. Our school especially has developed a series of school-based textbooks for international students.

A multi-culture learning environment is provided for the Chinese and foreign students through diverse theme-related activities, social practice and student association, which enable them to share and appreciate multi-culture and local culture. Meanwhile, a great growing environment is also created for the students to be creative talents with strong leadership.

Our Chinese and foreign teachers and students get together in Beijing No.80 High School and become a big harmonious family. In this family, Beijing No.80 High School, a platform is provided for the teachers and students to'go abroad to see the outside world'and'feel the world in Beijing No.80 High School'. Beijing No.80 High has become the leading school of international education in Beijing.