School Description

The predecessor of Beijing No.19 High School was Pei-Yuan Girls’ Primary, which found by faculty of Tsinghua University and Beijing University in 1916. "Pei-Yuan" originated from Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s phrase "develop Chinese nation's strength" . The name “Pei-yuan School” was settled in 1944. After merging with Landianchang high school class in 1952, it was officially named as Beijing No.19 High School by the Beijing Municipal Government, and became to the first completed high school in Haidian District. The school has 78 classes, nearly 3,000 students, and about 300 working staff. It is among the first demonstration high schools in Haidian District.

As early as 1989 and 1998, school had set up "Beijing Golden Sail Youth Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra", branch of "Beijing Golden Sail Painting and Calligraphy Institute " respectively, which are highly influential both at home and abroad. School has been entitled by the Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipal Government as "National Modern Education Technology Experimental School", "National Computer Education Experimental School", "Beijing Arts Education Model Schools", "Beijing Football, Handball, Softball Traditional Sports School", "Beijing Science and Technology Education Model School", "National Active Mental Health Education High School Feature Development Project Experimental School".

In 2008, the school clearly stated in its eight years development plan that its philosophy of "foundation for the children’s happy life" and the goal of "building a comprehensive high-quality ideal school", determined the education purpose of "learning to behave, learning to live, learning to learn, learning fitness, learning aesthetic", mastering 1-2 spatialities and having an international vision.

In recent years, the school has committed to explore and practice the active mental health education, launched all kinds of psychological activities, and counseled psychological problems of students, parents individually. The school has received several visits from domestic and international organizations. It has also undertaken many national, municipal, district-level meetings and events. October 2012, the school became to a National High School Feature Development Project Experimental School. December 2012, led by the school, Psychology Special Committee of Beijing Academy of Learning Science has established formally, school principal Xiaoling Yu served as the first chairman.

New Era, while the school is upholding the fine tradition, exploring and practicing characteristics education, it is also making great efforts to practice the philosophy of "foundation for the children’s happy life" and toward the goal of "building a comprehensive high-quality ideal school".

Introduction of the City

Beijing, is called Jing for short, is the capital of China, the center of country’s political and cultural, and the hub of international exchanges. It is also a famous historical and cultural city, which together with Xi'an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing and Hangzhou are referred to as Six Ancient Capitals of China, .

Beijing is the largest scientific and technological research site. Many research institutes such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhongguancun Science Park, also known as China's Silicon Valley are located here, where one third of annual national awards of the country are accounted for. Also, Beijing is the most developed area for education nationally. There are 59 colleges and universities after the adjustment in 2000. Among them, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University are most famous universities of the country. Beijing has the largest library in Asia, and other 23 libraries. All kinds of museums are more than hundred.

The exchanges of of the economy, trade, science and technology, education, culture and other fields between Beijing and other countries and regions have increasingly enhanced. The governments, civil and social groups have been actively affiliated with each other. Beijing has friendly relations with 124 capitals and cities in 72 countries, among which, 27 cities in 24 countries has established cordial relations. Beijing has 137 embassies, 17 international organizations and regional representatives, 190 foreign news agencies. Over 7000 foreign agencies have been set up in Beijing. International students are more than 17,000. Beijing has successfully hosted the 11th Asian Games, the Fourth World Women Conference, the 21th World University Games, and other major international conference. From 1998, it has successfully holden a major international event annually with high-tech industries theme - Beijing High-tech Industries Week. In 2002, the total value of imports and exports in Beijing is 52.51 billion U.S. dollars, with exports worth of $12.61 billion U.S dollars. In 2002, the actual use of foreign investment was $ 5.1 billion. There are more than 160 of the Fortune 500 companies have invested in Beijing.

Major / Program Description

  * Program: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language classes
  * Category: Junior and Senior High School
  * Term: Short-term (3-6 months) and long-term (1-3 years) or travel-study classes
  * Teaching Language: Chinese
  * Tuition: ¥20,000 RMB / semester
  * Starting Time: Spring Semester: March of each year, Fall semester: September of each year
  * Registration Time: All year round

Hot programs

Our courses include: HSK testing, Comprehensive Chinese, Listening, Reading, Speaking, Chinese Culture, English, Sports, Music, etc; Featured courses are: Chinese Painting, Hard and Soft Pen Calligraphy, Weaving, Paper Cutting.

How to apply

Admission requirements

  1. Student needs to hold a valid visa for at least one months or above at the time of enrollment;
  2. Provide the student’s passport, both original and copy;
  3. Non-resident student needs to provide Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors, both original and copy;
  4. Copy of Hukou card or copy of identity documents;
  5. Degree students need to provide two copies of the guardian certificate;
  6. Students 18 years or older must provide Physical Exam Report by Beijing CIQ;
  7. Original transcripts of each continuous semester before; and original diploma of primary or junior high school;
  8. 8 small 2-inch photos;
  9. Studying Proof or Transfer Certificate from previous school (if the student has been studied in China, and would like to transfer);
  10. Copy of the guardian’s ID card, and work permit.




Double room: ¥9000/semester

Students evaluation

Hello everyone! We are Nigeria Brothers graduated from No.19 High School in 2012 - Ai Jing and Ai Bei. We came to this school from age 12, we were here to learn, we were here to grow. The teachers and students here are great, very warm and friendly to us! With their care, we not only improved our Chinese level, but also learned a lot of great Chinese culture. Now, we have been promoted to Beihang University and Beijing Jiaotong University to study respectively.We would like to express our gratitude to the alma mater and the teachers and classmates!

Hello everyone, I'm Ai Ming from Nigeria, I have been the International Department of No.19 High School for three years. I have learned here, grew up here. My two brothers Ai Bei and Ai Jing are also graduated here. They are now in University already. International Department has become my home in China; The teachers here are like parents, students are like brothers and sisters to me, we live and learn together happily. Our class has students from Russia, Korea, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and other countries. We not only have Chinese language courses, but also mathematics, psychology, music, art, sports and science courses, also Chinese cooking, etc. I really like No.19 High School! The dormitories of our international department are very nice and comfortable, the teachers take care of us as their own children. I love Beijing, I love No.19 High School.

Hello everyone I am Jin Yali from Libya. I was attracted by the beautiful surroundings when I first walked in the door of No.19 High School! The piano sound from music center is so crisp, the cheers during students competition in the sports center are so resonant; the laughter of students from psychological center is so hearty. Also, the dormitories of our International Department are very stylish and comfortable. All and all attracts me deeply. Now, I have been living and learning in No.19 High School for 2 years. I like learning Chinese very much. My teachers are friendly and kind. I have many friends in the class, the students also elected me as monitor, which makes me grow a lot. My dream is admitted by Tsinghua University, I believe it will come true!

Beijing No.19 High School is located in the West Third Ring Road of Beijing, convenient in transportation, close to Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other famous universities. School is around by the supermarkets, hospitals. There are special accommodation for foreign students. The dormitory is very good. Food in school canteen is delicious. the cost of living and learning in No.19 High School are lower than in other schools. I am now studying in the regular class with other Chinese students, the teachers are very nice, and sometimes they give me special care because I am a foreign student . No.19 High School, Li Yuan.

Common problem

  Q: Where is the school's address?
  A: Schools located in the heart of Zhongguancun. Close to the Third Ring Road . Adjacent to Renmin University of China at east, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Beijing Institute of Technology at south, near the Summer Palace and Fragrant Hill at west, Peking University is at the South. Surrounded by commercial buildings, shopping is very convenience. Subway line 10 is next to school, dozens of bus lines are in all directions.

  Q: Does schools require students to live on campus ?
  A: We offer beautiful dormitories for students, while students could choose live on or off campus according to their own situation.

  Q: How about the condition of school’s accommodation?
  A: Students living environment is clean and convenient, standard double room, with bathroom, air conditioning and other facilities. Individual desk and wardrobe are also provided for each student. There is internet access in the room.

  Q: Does the school require students to wear uniform?
  A: School does require students to wear uniform during their studying here.

  Q: How about the meals of school?
  A: School provides three meals for students, the dishes are rich and varied, students could choose according to their own tastes.

  Q: Does school adopt closed management for boarding students?
  A: Yes, school implements closed management to boarding students from Monday to Friday. They could go out on Saturday and Sunday with teacher's permission.

Contact information

  Adress: 83 Wanquanhe Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100089 (opposite to the west gate of Renmin University of China)
  Tel: 15810086985