Beijing College of Politics and Law

Founded in 1982, Beijing College of Politics and Law(hereinafter refers to BCPL) is a regular public higher vocational college, approved by Beijing Municipal People's Government and registered in the Ministry of Education. It is directly under the administration of Beijing municipal government. In 2012, BCPL has passed the examination of Beijing prospective demonstrative higher vocational college project with honor and became a municipal model higher vocational college, committed to producing law assistant talents at roots level, law practice talents and middle & senior-level security personnel. Since 1999, BCPL has resumed the responsibility of training hot middle & senior level professionals for the party school of municipal Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs and Beijing law circle .It is also the training base of clerks for Beijing higher people's court and the designated conference service unit for National People's Congress (NPC) and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Now BCPL has set up 5 departments, namely, social law work department, security department, applied law department, business & economics law department, information technology department and basic department,offering 21 specialties. It can provide a series of professional education from profession certificate to higher college diploma. It has a total enrollment of 4500 full time students with more than 3000 students for professional training annually. Thirty years since its foundation, it has produced more than 25,000 qualified graduates for politics and law industry and society, which has been universally recognized among the law and modern service circles.

BCPL is located in the east of Chaoyang District of Beijing, capital of China, with National Judges College, Beijing International Studies University, Communication University of China and other key universities adjoining to it. The college covers an area of 445 mu with fixed assets worth of 230 million yuan and teaching and research equipment worth of 94 million. It has 160 training bases inside or outside of the campus, including 2 training bases strongly supported by China central government finance and 2 municipal demonstrative practical bases. Besides, it has a library with total collection of than 450 000 volumes, an indoor stadium, a bowling room, an outdoor basketball court, various sized auditoriums and other sports and activity facilities. There are 383 faculties in this college, including 206 full or part time teachers and 68 with professor and associate professor titles. We have two specialties, (Legal Affairs and Security of Judicial Information) are strongly supported by China central government finance, three municipal demonstrative specialties (Legal Secretary, Security and Safety and Security of Judicial Information, one national excellent course (Defense Skill for Security and Safety) and six municipal and ministry-level excellent course (Work Practice for Clerk, Law of Civil Procedure, Criminal Law Practice, Company Act Principle and Practice, Technology Application for Security and Protection, Network Attack and Defense Technology).


BCPL is one of the higher vocational colleges which launched international cooperation and exchange earlier. At present, it has established cooperative relationship with some famous universities and training organizations in over 10 countries, including USA, Germany, Australia, Russia etc. Since 2009, it has strongly developed featured and rich education for Asian and European international students. BCPL belongs to China but also belongs to the world. We warmly welcome international students to attend various Chinese program and professional degree for further study.

BCPL can provide mandarin training and undergraduate preliminary course for foreign students in the orientation of China Legal Affairs, Business and Economics, Community Administration, IT, Security and Safety etc. In addition to professional courses, the college also promote medium and short-term experimental visit program, such as Chinese law, public administration, culture, art etc. which will help students learn Chinese society and culture deeply and directly.