How to pay the fee through us study in china


Due to lack of online paying system and unable to receive foreign currency, some universities have entrusted to pick up their application fee, tuition fee etc. As we are not an agent, we promise the fee will be fully transferred to the universities.  Four ways of payment are now offered:

Way 1: Online Paying--Paypal
PayPal is an online account that allows you to receive and send money electronically with your bank account and credit cards. It is owned by eBay. Paypal services work for many countries with a network of more than 190 countries and regions and in multiple currencies. To send money with Paypal you must follow these steps:
1. Tell your wish to pay online to your consultant who will change your status.
2. Log onto your account,find the course you are applying and click $.
3. Check the amount , click pay now and then follow the instruction(You need to have a paypal account otherwise you have to register an account first).
4. Send the screenshot to your consultant if you are informed paying successfully.
5. Our official paypal account is

Way 2: Bank Transfer (T/T)
Account Name: Liu Mingzhu  刘明珠
Account No.: 6217900100005036614
Name of the bank: BANK OF CHINA Beijing Branch No.2 Chaoyang Men Neidajie,  Dongcheng District, Beijing 100010, China

Swift code: BKCHCNBJ110
Note: Please send us the receipt after the sending.  

Way 3: Western Union
Western Union is the company that provides the financial services like sending money person to person internationally, telegrams etc.
You would go to the nearest Western Union Branch and fill out a card with the recipients' information and location. Western union will charges some by your side for their fast service.  The following information is needed to provide to us after the money sending:
1. The eight or ten digit money transfer control number (MTCN#).
2. The first and last name used on the form as the sender's name.
3. The country where you send the money.
4. Currency Recipient's Information:
First name/Given name: Mingzhu
Last name/Family name: Liu
5. Address: Floor 29th, No.8 Building, Tianchangyuan, Media village, Beiyuan North Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Way 4: Wechat
Wechat Or Weixin as its known in China, is a mobile app owned by Tencent Holdings Limited. With more and more foreign wechat users, we are now accepting payments in Chinese Yuan (CNY) via WeChat Wallet. You can add our official wechat account 18501012580 or simply scan our QR code below and then pay online.