·BBC TV teaches children yi, er, san 2012-7-25 15:34:00
·Learning Chinese in Nigeria 2012-7-25 15:30:00
·'Chinese language talent' becomes popular on Internet 2012-7-23 17:07:00
·Chinese language builds bridge between China, Russia 2012-7-23 17:05:00
·Confucius Institute in Britain promotes better understanding about China 2012-7-23 16:59:00
·Confucius and Chinese people in eyes of Americans 2012-7-23 16:58:00
·Summer Camp, for future's international communication 2012-7-23 16:50:00
·Chinese bridges foreigners' Chinese dream 2012-7-23 16:16:00
·Foreign Students Infatuated by Traditional Chinese Medicine 2012-7-20 15:57:00
·"Chinese Bridge" competition attracts Chinese language learners across U.S. 2012-7-20 15:54:00
·Ambassadors learn Chinese Culture in Beijing 2012-7-20 15:45:00
·Confucius Volunteers Broaden Horizons 2012-7-19 16:38:00
·Confucius Institute promotes relation between two ancient civilizations: Nepal PM 2012-7-19 16:36:00
·Confucius' Family Tree Recorded biggest 2012-7-19 16:18:00
·Confucius'German Disciples Experiencing Hui Culture 2012-7-19 16:13:00
·Confucius Institute Opens in Azerbaijan 2012-7-19 16:13:00
·Confucius Institute celebrates 5th anniversary in Nepal 2012-7-19 16:01:00
·Online Chinese Lessons for Adoptive Families 2012-7-19 15:46:00
·Confucius Institute promotes relation between two ancient civilizations: Nepal PM 2012-7-13 15:54:00
· Language, Culture Popularized with More Confucius Institutes 2012-7-13 15:30:00
·Chinese bridge contest begins 2012-7-13 14:20:00
·Speaking like a native 2012-7-13 14:16:00
·New law targets foreigners' illegal presence 2012-7-13 14:14:00
·Int'l student cultural festival held at Tianjin University 2012-7-13 14:10:00
·Low teaching salaries exposed 2012-7-12 16:24:00
·Chinese learning helps high school students go to better universities in U.S. 2012-7-12 16:21:00
·Documents for Registration of Foreign Students 2012-7-12 16:16:00
·Shanghai Becoming a Favorite Destination for Foreign Students 2012-7-12 16:11:00
·China says U.S. directive on Confucius Institutes "may harm friendship" 2012-7-12 16:00:00
·Ukraine welcomes third Confucius Institute 2012-7-12 15:59:00
·Interview: Confucius Institute promotes Chinese language and culture worldwide 2012-7-12 15:58:00
·Chinese learning helps high school students go to better universities in U.S. 2012-7-10 15:16:00
·Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila university provides Business Chinese language trainning to SGV company 2012-7-10 15:10:00
·Chinese Language Course was opened for Teaching Staff at University of Khartoum 2012-7-10 15:09:00
·UKCI part of West Jessamine High School's Asian Immersion field trip 2012-7-10 15:07:00
·CI at the University of Kentucky Speeds up Preparation for New HSK and YCT Tests 2012-7-10 15:06:00
·Confucius Institute at the University of Poitiers Held Cultural Lecture on "Silk Road Nowruz Festival" 2012-7-9 16:37:00
·Fifth Anniversary Banquet of Confucius Institute at Portland State University & Unveiling Ceremony of 5 New Confucius Classrooms Grandly Held 2012-7-9 16:21:00
·HSK Popular Year by Year 2012-7-9 16:20:00
·Prof. Ji Baocheng, Former President of Renmin University of China, Led a Delegation and Toured the University of Heidelberg 2012-7-9 16:18:00
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