·Chinese Tibetologists hold seminar at Stanford University 2012-5-31 16:17:00
·Int'l student cultural festival held at Tianjin University 2012-5-31 16:11:00
·1st Sino-US university to open in Shanghai 2012-5-31 16:07:00
·Colombian president delivers speech at Peking University 2012-5-31 16:05:00
·Weekend Activity Helps Increase Impact of CI at the University of Kentucky 2012-5-30 16:38:00
·Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University Offered a Lecture on Confucianism at Marvin Ridge High School 2012-5-30 16:34:00
·The 11th Chinese BridgeChinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students in Sudan Successfully Draw to a Close 2012-5-30 16:33:00
·Hainan medical university held opening ceremony 2012-5-30 14:43:00
·Foreign student guzzles Chinese rice wine at airport gate to avoid confiscation 2012-5-29 14:43:00
·Make the grade 2012-5-29 14:37:00
·Why can't we be foreign friends? 2012-5-29 14:32:00
·50 universities compete in language competition 2012-5-29 14:31:00
·The Blue Night 2012-5-29 14:28:00
·Chinese school in U.S. awards Chinese language-learners 2012-5-28 16:57:00
·Chinese language contest held in Sofia, Bulgaria 2012-5-28 16:55:00
·TheThird Chinese Cultural Festival was Held Successfully in Ataturk High School in Ankara 2012-5-28 16:51:00
·The Erhu Twang Floated in the Munich Music Night 2012-5-28 16:50:00
·Nottingham CI Attends NIACE's Annual Awards Ceremony 2012-5-25 16:38:00
·Opening Ceremony Was Held for Confucius Classroom at Vistula University with Wushu Feature Attached to Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University of Poland 2012-5-25 16:31:00
·The Number of Participants in the New HSK Tests at the Confucius Institute of the University of Valencia Hit New Peak 2012-5-25 16:27:00
·HSK was held by Fuxing Confucius Classroom successfully 2012-5-25 16:20:00
·Grandma returns to school, to teach love 2012-5-24 17:07:00
·Parents 'wait and see' on all-boys classes 2012-5-24 17:03:00
·A model of educational success 2012-5-24 16:39:00
·Chinese Culture Exhibition Entered Sudan University 2012-5-24 15:07:00
·Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University in PolandChinese Test (HSK) in a Larger Scale 2012-5-24 15:05:00
·Memories of nine months abroad in China 2012-5-23 16:35:00
·Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University of Poland Held Kites Flying at Malta Lake of Poznan by Primary and High School Students 2012-5-23 16:08:00
·Chinese Language Course will be compulsory in Mulungushi University 2012-5-23 16:07:00
·The fourth Chinese Proficiency Test was held successfully in Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia 2012-5-23 16:06:00
·Vice-President meet with the newly registered students 2012-5-23 16:00:00
·Tsinghua International Students 2012 New Year Gala Successfully Held 2012-5-23 15:59:00
·Harvard China Fund offers internship opportunities in China for undergraduates 2012-5-23 15:56:00
·International Students Awarded in Tsinghua Commencement 2011 2012-5-22 16:22:00
·"Chinese Bridge" language competition held in Bulgaria 2012-5-22 16:21:00
·China to attract overseas Chinese with more innovation-friendly environment 2012-5-22 16:19:00
·"Going to China was fantastic. XieXie, China!" 2012-5-22 16:10:00
·Gateway to Chinese cultureConfucius Institute at Ateneo de Manila University, The Philippines HeldSummer classes with Confucius for kids and teens 2012-5-22 16:08:00
·CI Board of Directors Meeting held in the Wroclaw University, Poland 2012-5-22 16:07:00
·Confucius Institute at Mickiewicz University in Poland:Invited to International Conference Forum on Economy between Poland and China by Lodz University 2012-5-22 16:04:00
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